WeChat marketing the arrival of the era of personal brand marketing

is now the Tencent WeChat everywhere, in the bus, subway, a lot of people in the brush circle of friends, circle of friends in many public platform sharing, there is a sell buddies, greet them,

worked hard!

is the so-called Like attracts like., a public concern Birds of a feather flock together., each of the number of people are a group with common interests, the people behind the common dream, when a public account when hundreds of million people or hundreds of thousands of fans, they will slowly become your fans, your forever loyal supporters, they know you enough, you don’t need those who are not interested in the people you know you, you are a trustworthy brand in their hearts, this is the era of personal brand.

The word

WeChat public platform: small individuals have their own brand, is one of WeChat’s future is very good interpretation, but also for the future of the Internet is a very good interpretation, regardless of what industry, from now on, start managing your personal brand. To start his own line of business and WeChat together, cultivate your fans, increase your visibility in the future, for you to create the value will not be overlooked.

a recent case, a fruit seller how to use WeChat marketing profit forty thousand, one recent night, nothing to see the WeChat people nearby, then downstairs to see a fruit shop micro signal XX signature is: fruit shop, delivery and contact. Very curious, he added his personal account, he offered to greet me, there is no membership card, is not living in the vicinity, etc.. In the process of communication, I found a set of data, WeChat daily turnover of more than 2000, while the number of fans is less than one thousand, how did he do it?

reasonable use of nearby people, adhere to the daily increase in the vicinity of a friend, if it is around the district resident users, in remarks to add a label, you know this is not the target customers. Of course, the use of other means of publicity, but also in the vicinity of their own publicity WeChat, brought to WeChat marketing. Second, adhere to the circle of friends every day, the contents of the general release of fruit and life, new broadcast, the surrounding area of new things, and the story of customers, etc.. Don’t have the skill too.

each customer charged 4 yuan fee, so delivery personnel will have great enthusiasm, let the salesperson to take delivery, the salesperson is relatively positive, at the same time, the customer will be satisfied, each customer will buy fruit every time very careful in reckoning, the sales are up. WeChat made a small fruit store business!

from now on, do a small and beautiful personal brand, do not need too much advertising costs, the use of good WeChat, you can build up your personal brand!

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