NET open source Microsoft qindie would be saved

last week, there was a big thing in science and technology: Microsoft.NET open, maybe a lot of people do not understand what it means to.NET open source, let’s say that Google with the Android kernel is open to all developers is a meaning.

had a joke, that is how crazy programmers, the answer is very simple, Java is the world’s best programming language, or c#, is the world’s best programming language, or that PHP is the best programming language in the world. Java and.NET are like two enemies who will never be reconciled, not you die, I die.

.NET and Java each have their own advantages and disadvantages, such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, but the difference is that one is closed, one is open. Microsoft announced that.NET open source, is undoubtedly left a heavy bomb, if one day Apple announced that the iOS system is also open to all developers, then feel that the charge will cause greater shock.


of course, Microsoft announced that.NET open source is not a whim, after all, monopoly for anyone, it means a huge wealth, and give up the monopoly, is undoubtedly the hands of the cake out. .NET is a trump card in the hands of Microsoft, but by virtue of this card, Microsoft is invincible in this field.

.NET because qindie is Microsoft, so even.NET in many ways as Java, still has a huge market share, it still proves the advantage of monopoly: quantitative bring qualitative change, can be the perfect support for.NET application development environment of Microsoft’s Windows platform, and the Java program for Windows platform can cannot run smoothly is still a question.

however, in the mobile Internet era, Java’s thunder was soon overshadowed by.NET, while Microsoft has lost because of complacency and leading position in the industry, with the decline of indistinct traces. WP mobile phone failed, and NOKIA also pulled a scapegoat, Windows 8 operating system failed to Windows 10, Microsoft Windows XP once the hero personally to the grave, it seems in the industry, Microsoft is facing the dilemma.

The question now is

,.NET open source, Microsoft would be saved? Prospective charge consumption headlines think it all depends on Microsoft’s current CEO NADELLA what to do next. The new boss of Microsoft in shortly after taking office, made a series of let the industry feel fantastic action, even the charge consumption also feel, so play it, Microsoft would be dead.

on last year’s acquisition of NOKIA’s mobile phone sector layoffs, disable Windows XP, cross platform to promote free version of OFFICE, Microsoft’s current CEO Nader pull do >

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