ZERO animation domain name stolen the site is still normal access

renamed China ( September 2nd news, it is reported that last night, ZERO cartoon network official blog announced that the ZERO domain name changed to animation in the near future, will be the first time to notify you. The reason for the recent failure to log is stolen account after the account was not found in time, leading to the domain name stolen can not apply for the return. Due to the official website of the domain name resolution has not changed, at present, the domain name is still normal access.

figure: micro-blog information

it is understood that the ZERO cartoon network is a comprehensive discussion of comicfans animation platform. Recently, there are users released micro-blog said, emergency help!! zero animation network with wood, click directly into the web site error correction navigation". After a lapse of a few days, ZERO animation network official announcement that the domain name theft, the site will replace the new domain name Some netizens Tucao, "to worry about the webmaster online habits ah, a look that is not on the on site, while the official blog denies this, and that is because the owners love set abc123 this kind of password, so just stolen.

on the theft of the domain name, the small series of the first time to contact the ZERO Cartoon Network Official Bo, which said that the current owners in the preparation of marriage, especially in the field of domain name management in this regard, not too concerned about. Because the domain name is in the GoDaddy above, as long as the resolution is not broken out of the general will rarely see. These days, suddenly found part of the failure analysis, the owners found that the domain name has been turned away, and has been transferred 2 times. Domain name resolution has not changed, so it can land.

micro-blog information

for the new domain name on-line time, ZERO animation network official Bo said, the new domain name is still in the record which will be replaced in the near future. The replacement of the website, popularity and weight will be affected, the hope is not to be the original domain owner Gai Jiancheng fishing website, after going to arrange, to negotiate with the original domain name holders on the incident.

earlier, 6V movie network 2 domain names were stolen, and build a similar platform with its movie network two, while the new network is a serious loophole, leading to the theft of prospective domain name It is understood that the new network was not the first time to deal with it, but to take the buck solution. Insiders said that the new network behavior contributed to the arrogance of the domain name theft.

and the theft of such domain names, but also to the Internet companies a wake-up call. In ensuring the security of the domain name at the same time, choose a reliable, secure, high degree of credit domain name registrar is particularly important. Earlier, renamed China in order to prevent the domain name theft, also launched the "domain security lock" service, to provide prevention domain security incidents as the most effective measures for enterprises and individuals.

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