Why so hot P2P net loan industry can not spend this winter

just now, the Xinhua news agency to contact me, I want to say in the tiger sniffing network published the article: "resolutely not P2P platform this touch" (one or two) to write a reference. I reluctantly said: when you finished I’ll give you real-time data. The early morning of November 4th, when I finished, the number of statistics in November the platform is only 3 home, on the evening of 5, this figure has been refreshed to 9 – Copper loan, credit universe, house loan, Baofeng venture, Hui Huang wealth, Pengcheng Zhaojin loans, loans, finance investment and beam venture capital. Among them, the November 4th issue of the platform reached 4. This is a kind of rhythm? P2P net loan industry can spend this winter?

P2P net loan why so hot

in some of the financial aspects of the Internet recently, every time you get the list of honored guests, I have a feeling of P2P net loan or just as a branch of Internet banking, look at the guest list, founder of CEO, a row of P2P net loan platform gorgeous, Internet banking seems to have become synonymous with the P2P net loan. Even a well-known media reporter asked me: Internet banking is not P2P? P2P is the Internet banking? Why P2P net loan platform is mainly responsible for the people, so keen to participate in this meeting? The platform when the cause of people do, are doers, why not play false, it is self-evident.

P2P net loan in China is a hot morning and evening things, is a necessity. P2P net loan platform, mainly for two types of people: first, the lack of money, the need for financing; two is rich, the need for financial management.

we look at the lack of money. Not long ago, the Shenzhen municipal government to show that the development of small and medium-sized enterprises report to the Municipal People’s Congress, the Shenzhen small and medium-sized enterprises have nearly 50 million, accounting for more than 99% of the city’s total number of enterprises, total financing needs of about 1 trillion and 450 billion yuan, directly or indirectly through a variety of ways to get funding for a total of 836 billion 380 million yuan, 613 billion 620 million yuan financing gap remains, the gap ratio 43%. Peep know the whole picture, much of the small and medium-sized enterprises financing gap in the end? The importance of small and medium-sized enterprises in the national economy, we will not go into details. But due to the small and micro enterprises less collateral, financial institutions and the existence of information asymmetry, although in recent years, financial institutions have stepped up efforts to support small and micro enterprises, but these enterprises financing problems have not been solved thoroughly. Many small and micro enterprises, only to seek higher financing costs, opaque, sunshine microfinance, pawn Guarantee Corporation, financial aid, and some even find usury, this is tantamount to doing. At this time, the positive effect of P2P net loan platform is reflected. The project moved to the financing platform, the amount of financing cost, cycle, promotion of private finance at a glance, the sun, like all moss responsible platform important historical mission.

Let us look at the

have a little extra cash to finance. Growing up here, most interviewed everyone enrichment media reporters, I have sold

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