Network recruitment website prospects to be vigilant in the future industry homogeneity

once prosperous group purchase website is facing a "winter" of suffering, the domestic Internet companies in the United States have also let the entire Internet industry in the last year experienced a small "earthquake", however, in such a context, the recruitment website A new force suddenly rises. and achieved good results.
throughout the recruitment website while the bright prospects, but also faces other industry competition.
"the entire Internet market scale will continue to grow is no suspense, but the online recruitment industry with a mature business model, will benefit from the Internet overall long-term growth trend. For example, the future number of customers reached 10 million, and China enterprises employing millions of giant, there is still a huge market space. In addition, the development of social networks for network recruitment market to inject new elements, although there is no clear profit model, but with the expansion of the scale of social networking sites, which is bound to the traditional online recruitment form the impact, and is expected to expand new business models." ChinaVenture Investment Group senior analyst Feng Po said.
in addition, Feng Po stressed that the change of network recruitment service providers need to keep pace with the market demand, and actively explore new business models, such as to follow up in the emerging field of social network, enrich the existing service model. As for the traditional online recruitment business is relatively mature, enterprises need to improve execution, reduce mistakes in execution; in product and service strategy to further improve the service level, strengthen the ability to provide comprehensive services, to further enhance user stickiness.

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