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" dear people looking for a love love love to farewell single…… Do not love to miss the single left me alone to sing love songs. " Terry Lin’s single love song sings the voice of the majority of single youth.

reporter learned that, in Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities, due to busy work, narrow circle of communication, information opaque and other reasons, single youth has reached more than one million. With the growth of age, this part of the marriage problem has become the focus of social concern.

so, what are some of the ways in which young people to promote their marriage? In today’s Internet age, online dating has become the main channel for young people to find the other half.

arguably, click the keyboard can express thoughts, on the surface, the convenience of online dating is self-evident. However, in the aeriality network world, users of every hue, due to a variety of online dating uneven in quality, meet in the case is not uncommon. How to find a meeting point in the convenience and security, in recent years to provide professional dating services dating dating sites, which gradually gives the answer.

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it is understood that China has emerged thousands of dating websites, which have a certain scale such as the total number of Jiayuan, treasure, lily, I married the registered members of the site has exceeded 30 million, and the newly registered members maintained daily incremental tens of thousands.

a few years ago, some people on the Internet to find a partner with " original amount is not much, but the quality is not good " the evaluation, however, with the popularity of the network, and the sharp increase in the number of Internet users in China, so that people love to the impression of a big difference. In July 2006, MSN Jiayuan dating channel and Jiayuan, investigated more than 30000 members, of which 49.2% of people agree with the network of friends; 35.1% of people said they did not reject; only 15.7% of the people on the network of friends held a negative attitude.

at the same time, through the network acquaintance, and then into the number of marriage has increased. Statistics show: 2006 Chinese marriage registration number is 8 million 493 thousand, which through dating websites to find the other half of the people in the life of approximately 268 thousand, accounted for 3.1% of the number of married in 2006, while in 2007 this figure is still growing.

With the acceleration of urbanization in China, the population flow is becoming more and more frequent with

. In order to seek more development opportunities, many young people flock to big cities. In this strange " " city, want to find a good partner, is not an easy thing.


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at present, like Beijing, Shanghai, such as large cities, to the marriageable age of single youth have exceeded million. Some experts believe that the use of the network >

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