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A  (www.admin5.com); the 5 station network August 19th news yesterday, the ant payment service launched a one-stop financial platform treasure ant. In the form of independent applications, providing simple and convenient financial services for the public. This is the outside Alipay, ant gold suit first released a new independent application.

it is understood that the ant treasure in version 1, collection of the balance of treasure, treasure and three kinds of funds and other financial types, through an open   account;. The future, ant treasure will also support such as buying shares more features through the balance of treasure. At the same time, the amount of investment from the balance of treasure 1 yuan investment, trick treasure from $100 investment, but also significantly reduced the financial threshold, so that more ordinary users can participate.

The purchase of

and traditional fund to pay about 2/1000 of the fee, and the general T+3 redemption arrival compared to the user in the treasure on the fund subscription fee free, but this offer will last long the official did not give a clear statement at the same time, treasure redemption arrival can be shortened to T +1. According to ant payment service wealth business group president Yuan Leiming said, in the treasure and a few meters fund, banks together to try to optimize the settlement process, the future implementation of T+0 is not impossible.

Yuan Leiming, President of the

group, said that about 70% of residents in China have never been exposed to any form of financial management. For most people, financial management is superior, not only to buy a higher threshold, a variety of professional terminology, product introduction also makes it difficult to understand, even do not know where to buy. To solve these pain points, ant treasure hope that through the "simple financial management" concept, to provide a one-stop financial management for the user type variety.

Internet banking is not, Yuan Leiming said, "great scourges ant ant gold suit the release of treasure, still embrace the attitude of regulators, hoping to have a constructive attitude into the financial industry. Jubao ants do not aim to get a license, but if there is a similar business needs, do not rule out the acquisition of the investment.

it is understood that, in accordance with product planning, ant treasure will also launch the function of intelligent recommendation scene, investment demand and risk preference of each person based on the precise user portrait, help users quickly find the most suitable for their investment; and by the financial community in the form of investment Master, through the sharing of knowledge, to promote financial education to public investors, the investment decision-making assistant.

will separate from the financial business has matured in the Alipay App, to open a mobile terminal application, visible ants in the field of Internet financial payment service to go to war.

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