Different profit models in different communities

      "nonsense" Introduction: in marketing the crowd he is "black waves", the literati literati heap he is a net "nonsense", in the worm heap he was engaged in marketing planning "in the rain". The only founder of the three ideas: no culture, focus on advertising, zero barrier marketing.

      the first step is the introduction of the guests, the introduction of the glorious course

      the third is nonsense, claiming Hu, third. The old Tao, the Holy
      second Rio, singing the euro in europe.
      old nonsense, mix the worst, by zoujianghu hunfanchi.
      thank you Taiai, thank you ^_^

      the second step: focus on questions, we want to ask questions to the host, the host unified questions to the guests

      1. Master infiltration for years in a variety of traditional industry, I asked several logistics issues. Would this bullshit. As the logistics industry, in particular, on which links need the internet. Is the information, or supply and demand, or price, or other. As a logistics company, what is the most urgent need it?

      or fiction:

      here try to pull the point of dry cargo, don’t always pull the doctor to do things carelessly. Grafting of logistics industry and the Internet, the first is

      2 when holding a logistics industry website, how can in a short period of time to the Internet is not too understanding of the boss?

      or fiction:

      difficult. Because logistics companies rely more on customer relationships. As for the fledgling small companies, small business services, using the network to move them relatively easy. As long as accurate positioning, positioning in the information is relatively underdeveloped, the lower the number of customer groups, the role of the Internet will be more apparent, to convince the boss is also much easier.

      3 you said "don’t put >

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