LETV denied personal radio to provide personalized domain name service

DoNews12 on Sept. 24 news (reporter Zhao Nan) December 24th, LETV call DoNews.com, denying a personalized domain name to personal application service, "personal TV" registered users belong to the domain name LETV two domain name.

recently questioned netizens LETV TV personal business irregularities. First of all, the music network to provide technical services to individuals without a license to establish personal television stations, and promote the domain name is not a personal television station are violations. Secondly, the personal TV station engaged in personal television business is also in violation of the mandatory law broadcasting. (end)

attached 1, the relevant provisions of

according to the provisions of article twenty-third "Regulations" management of Internet audio-visual program service: "to hold" permit "or filing charges on behalf of units and signal transmission, server hosting and Internet audio-visual program service related services, be warned, by radio film and television departments at or above the county level shall be ordered to correct and be imposed a fine of 30 thousand yuan; at the same time, the main investor and operator shall give it a warning and may impose a fine of 20 thousand yuan."

according to the "Regulations" management of Internet audio-visual program service seventh: without obtaining the film and television broadcasting departments issued the "permit" in accordance with the regulations or filing procedures, any unit or individual shall not engage in Internet audio-visual program service. Twenty-fourth: for individuals or units engaging in Internet audio-visual program services, be warned, by radio and television departments at or above the county level shall be ordered to make corrections and may impose a fine of 30 thousand yuan; if the circumstances are serious, shall be punished according to the provisions of the "Regulations" article forty-seventh of the radio and television management.

according to the State Council Order No. 292nd "Internet information services management approach" and the Ministry of information industry order No. thirty-third of the "non operating Internet information service record management measures" provisions of national licensing system for the management of Internet information services, non profitable Internet information service registration system. Without permission or not to fulfill the procedures for filing, shall not engage in Internet information services, or it is illegal. Because of television video playback before a large number of commercials and business information, it belongs to the business website, must obtain communications administration permission to provide services.

attached 2: LETV or punished by radio and television solemnly declared

recently, LETV found friends with anonymously published an article entitled "LETV for personal TV business in the DONEWS forums or by broadcasting a punishment because of the post published content with the facts, has seriously affected the reputation of LETV, hereby solemnly to the media and the majority of users on the matter make a solemn statement.


statement reads as follows:

music since its inception, has been insisting on the development of genuine video. Over the past 5 years, the music network at all costs and time, always strive to guide a perfect, healthy network video environment, positive ring

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