MT said Google CP licenses are difficult to determine when the results of the annual inspection

yesterday (July 7th), the Ministry of industry and information technology news director Wang Lijian told reporters that the Ministry is on Google’s Internet content provider license (ICP) for inspection, temporarily unable to determine when the results, said "we will announce the news". According to the Google Corporation executives, the ICP license annual inspection materials at the end of June has been submitted to the competent authorities.

although ICP license annual inspection has not yet been approved, Google did not stop the pace of its expansion. Chinese Google Corporation to enter the mainland, especially for the mainland market launch of Google music; its partners Top100 CEO Chen Ge told reporters yesterday, not long ago, Google has just added to its investment of millions of dollars. At the same time, its initial investor Yao Ming also added an additional one million investment. Chen Ge told reporters, after obtaining this round of financing, whale music will focus on the development of Google mobile phone operating system based on Android music products.

Chen Ge said, although Google’s business changes to Jujing network will be affected, but Google music is still in normal operation, Google ICP license application inspection and re create the home page, the first button is "music".

whale music by Yao Ming, Yao Ming’s agent Zhang Mingji and music industry insiders Chen Ge common shares, the main business issue in genuine music. In August 2008, Google invested $7 million to launch the whale, MP3 search, flagship free.

              Google Chinese re hang out ICP License Search is still unable to use

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