The platform Luxuries network to complete the illicit sale of ten million B round of financing

news October 26th, domestic membership invitation luxury LuxeHome network platform bootleg announced today, the company has successfully Steamboat Ventures VC investment institutions Disney recently (Si Wei investment) and Morningside (Morningside venture) $ten million B round of investment. Prior to this, Luxuries network was obtained in 2009 Morningside venture (MorningSide) and Internet Celebrities Lei A round of investment.

according to the introduction, LuxeHome network is the first domestic strict membership invitation bootleg website dedicated to the international luxury goods, luxury online sales service. The site combines the world’s top more than and 200 luxury brands (Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Burberry, Dior, Armani, etc.) official supply.

LuxeHome network CEO Zhao Shicheng, Luxuries since this year officially launched, by providing high-quality high-end shopping experience, users rely entirely on word of mouth, the user and the rapid growth in sales, the venture capital, LuxeHome network will expand the brand, team building, marketing, customer service, logistics and distribution services to increase investment, combined with global brands and luxury brands to create numerous Disney’s most prominent high-end fashion Chinese e-commerce company.

firm senior chief investment officer Jennifer Yan believes that by strict invitation system under the bootleg, is "social shopping" (Social Commerce) is a kind of innovation, is a combination of new media and e-commerce in the business model, there is a very big development space.


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