Pass by Zhongguancun online 8408 100r T website at the end of day coming

introduction: when the CBSi to cut "Zhongguancun online", PChome’s vertical group website, IT website may come true.

according to sources, CBSi will sell China Zhongguancun online’s IT website, only a few love card network website. It is reported that Zhongguancun online valuation of not more than 500 million yuan, CBSi China president, vice president of Global Wang Lu will leave.

in 2011, when the old IT vertical website IT world network outage, the industry has emerged to sing the voice of the bad IT site, there will be attributed to operational errors;

but when CBSi is going to cut the "Zhongguancun online", PChome and other vertical group site, when the end of the IT site may really come.

CBSi China is home to what kind of company

CBS Interactive referred to as CBSI, is an interactive media company of Columbia broadcasting group. CBSi has been in development in the form of media China, and capital acquisitions to attack cities and capture territories.

into the China Internet field from the beginning of the 04 year Chinese purchase online, after a few years, have acquired 14 Chinese local websites, including Zhongguancun online, broadband, BBS, PCHOME, 55 mountain top network, love card network and OnlyLady.

plus Chinese online, involving a total amount of 50 million U.S. dollars, covering science and technology, automotive, fashion, regional consumption in the field of the four, to distinguish the operation of the group.

technology group including Zhongguancun online, PChome computer, ZDNet, home of the top network hummingbird network, the world wide web home network and BNET commercial network of excellence, Western IT network, IT network and the 85 Shaanxi substation.

ZOL, PChome was kicked out of Wang Lu Liu Keli retired

sources said, Zhongguancun online (ZOL) price of not more than 500 million yuan, the specific buyers do not know.

Bianews linked to a Zhongguancun online staff, he said after the Lunar New Year may be moving to tophere, means Zhongguancun online may operate independently, but the reasons are not moving until the notice, and Silver Network Center Group office.

PChome an employee Xiao Ming (a pseudonym) revealed that PChome has been CBSi kicked out, said to be sold, but who do not know to sell". Also after the new year to move.

Xiao Ming said that the entire Department of the Shanghai PChome cut off, all the leadership cut off, the leadership of the new, and to transform the technology blog.

"Wang Lu and Liu Xiaodong disagree, direct resignation"

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