When the nternet traffic bonus exhausted

used the Internet as a new industry, the rapid development of the early is also the birth of many traffic bonus, but with the Internet industry layout completed quickly, Internet service providers and the formation of the first camp disappeared, the possibility of latecomer to occupy this bonus has very little achievements.


as long as the Chinese Internet users a little attention, will be so vivid in the expression, XX application created the shortest time to get the fastest speed of XX users……

various kind of advertising has been used, is used in micro-blog is popular on both sides of the Changjiang River in WeChat’s popularity, with a gun, is used in portal news client reports describing the war powder.

if you are an investor, after listening to the passionate entrepreneurs to plan their products in the future time, often have such a statement: Chinese XXX users, mobile Internet users XXX, our users if the market share of 1%……

such statements may be understood as entrepreneurs have more passion qualities, and at the moment, China Internet development to today’s moment, bring the development of emerging industries the first mover advantage, the flow of dividends is close to end today, look back at those still on the road, or bow to hard work of entrepreneurs in the Internet life in the circle, the correct cognition of Internet traffic bonus will run out of reality, you may be able to find a more bright future.

Origin and disappearance of

flow bonus

the development of the Internet industry, especially the rapid development of the mobile Internet industry, in an empty field, the emergence of new products and services, will enjoy the endless first mover advantage, the first batch of crabs entrepreneurs enjoy this bonus.

1 era Internet traffic = the number of new users, the number of new users a new application basically can absorb all the amount of this industry, and constantly increase the snowball, until all the new users become your users, traffic reached its peak.

2 era Internet traffic = time, when the product is used more to occupy on the user terminal, the application market based service class has formed a vertical monopoly, Internet traffic has been unable to achieve incremental, because the flow of time and time is limited, =, natural flow co..

when almost all of the mobile Internet users (intelligent mobile phone users) almost all use WeChat, micro-blog, Taobao, Baidu video client, client, client, client game portal all kinds of news…… After the application of various types of basic services, the industry leader in the application will share the total number of mobile Internet users, or almost share the number of users throughout the network.

and this time the mainstream of basic service applications for the user’s time to occupy the opportunity to run through this user 24>

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