Small and medium enterprises have layoffs before the Spring Festival the market environment is not o

small electricity supplier before the Spring Festival and ushered in a wave of layoffs, not only the United States online layoffs. Thousands of goods network official confirmed that the company conducted a round of layoffs at the end of 2012, the proportion of layoffs as high as 40%, involving more than 200 employees.

, a former qianpin network said, by the end of 2011, thousands of network products have publicity received 100 million yuan venture capital, the human resources department of the enterprise is to "not bad money" as a recruitment gimmick, but after a round of subway advertising after less than a year, has thousands of network products nearly half the number of layoffs started.

In addition, sporadic layoffs

electricity supplier is still spreading. Insiders revealed that the domestic leisure brand YISHION, simply shut down its flagship store Tmall, completely withdraw from the operating electricity supplier.

domestic electricity supplier before the Spring Festival have started layoffs, one is not optimistic attitude to the overall market environment this year, so hurry to do plan before this year and recruitment hot season before the emergency brake; on the other hand, Ali, Suning and other Jingdong, between the big platform in the 2012 sales war, exploit together a large amount of idle flow, therefore, in addition to several small and medium-sized vertical electric business platform alone to attract users gradually higher cost. In the absence of continuous capital investment under the premise of high cost flow, sales were greatly affected, small and medium enterprises have to be compressed on the staff costs.

wine CEO Yide Lu from the newspaper said, can not afford to buy traffic to sales decline, then to layoffs, this is like a viral infection, small business should start more innovation in low cost flow gain. At present, more electricity supplier in the clear inventory, layoffs to reduce costs, but the attrition brought a decline in productivity, will also affect the sales.

buy buy tea CEO Ma Yufeng also agreed to play through innovation from the source of the traffic grab. At present, buy buy tea has formed a team to develop a social game related to tea, buy tea is not the purpose of the game to make up for revenue, but through the game to get the user to buy tea.

Lu said that in the financing environment is uncertain, as well as the cost of traffic to compete, how to obtain the user through the channel marketing innovation, will become a small electricity supplier in 2013 to explore the theme.

          thousands of goods network accused of massive layoffs, said the Department of transition financing needs

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