Paper check heavy Taobao such stores up to more than and 500 in January revenue was over one million

Most of the software to a shop selling

[Abstract] Taobao, trading volume in a month was 3 million times.


yesterday dropped to 15%, and finally to the 10% today, for tomorrow to 8%, prior to the final submission, to spend 100 yuan on HowNet check, finally does not exceed 10%, certainly can too." Li Jirui (a pseudonym) "black" knocked on the Enter key under computer, heart happy.

Li Jirui is a northeast Shanghai University Department of finance, a 2011 graduate student. More than half a month, he is going to graduate thesis defense. In order to successfully cross the border, Li Jirui has spent nearly 200 yuan on Taobao to buy paper testing services to accurately calculate the proportion of papers cited. Like Li Jirui and college students in the minority, most of the software to a shop selling Taobao, trading volume in a month was 3 million times.

recently, the reporter found that these students are called heavy check software system, originally only available to universities and research institutions to use internal, used to detect the existence of plagiarism and other academic papers. Nowadays, the thesis has formed an industry, and its function of anti plagiarism has been alienated. Although a variety of anti plagiarism detection system evaluation is different, but the reporter contacted a lot of college graduates have said: had to use.

phenomenon: students at their own expense to check the repetition rate

in Li Jirui’s class, including him, including nearly half of the students have the intention to work, graduation thesis is the last three years of their life.

"the teacher reminded many times, once submitted after detection by HowNet repetition rate of more than 10%, it can only delay reply and may even cancel reply qualifications." In more than 30 thousand words after the completion of the first draft, Li Jirui satisfied his thesis, "although not to put forward original ideas, but at least the complete structure, clear logic, teachers haven’t made a lot of changes".

but the next check heavy, but let Li Jirui surprise.

30.5%! The first time check heavy, Li Jirui rub with the same bedroom from the Taobao to buy Papertest detection system. Li Jirui confident no plagiarism, but in the face of the system detected repetition rate, he had to seriously modify. The second day morning, Li Jirui on Taobao to pay 40 yuan, according to the Taobao store guide, enter the order number, submit the revised papers, after nearly 5 hours of waiting, the report shows that repetition rate dropped to 15.2%.

Taobao such stores up to more than and 500

recently interviewed several universities in the city of graduates in the reporter learned that, some colleges and universities will provide a free checking for graduates, such as Li Jirui still need to query, multiple purchase of minority.

May 18th at around 11 a.m.

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