Liu Qiangdong from a peasant family from the 12 thousand to the start of today’s 54 billion 500 mil

Abstract: Liu Qiangdong was freed, he had more time to think about the company’s strategy, from the thorough "dictator" is only responsible for the strategy guide. In this regard, Liu Qiangdong way: "I am not immortal, I can not be 100 percent right, so we should obey collective wisdom."

1998, Liu Qiangdong took 12000 yuan in the day to work saved, the founder of Jingdong in Zhongguancun, and rented a counter to magneto-optical products sales agents, in this way, the first to earn a fortune, this is the starting point of the public Jingdong. That Zhongguancun is one of the dragons and fishes jumbled together electronic products distribution center, but Liu Qiangdong from the outset and other businesses are not the same, he continues to sell genuine.


the 2003 SARS outbreak, the line shop business can not do, at that moment, he saw the broad prospects for the development of e-commerce, the chain began to give up before the appliance business, decided to try in the online sellers, become a professional e-commerce company. For the closure of all the stores on the transition line, when almost all employees have expressed opposition, but Liu Qiangdong’s mind has been resolved, and this time Taobao, has just set up a year!

Jingdong transition days after the line is not good, the opponent is established earlier, the capital of the abundant Dangdang, Amazon and Taobao, etc.. But Liu Qiangdong did not fear, in the process of leading Jingdong venture, he engaged in all big and small, and even many companies originally come from him a code knock out.

After the 2007

today to get capital investment, Liu Qiangdong also very arbitrarily decided to self built logistics, this model at the time the entrepreneur seemed Arabian Nights, but the Jingdong really finally the logistics made his own moat.


Although the decision to join the

logistics today, the decision itself does not seem to be magical, but in 2007, the entire electricity supplier industry pay more attention to the advertising pull flow, no one is willing to put a large amount of money into the ordinary logistics field, and the investment in the short term is difficult to obtain normal returns, but Liu Qiangdong is commendable, he just see the logistics is the key to restrict the development of the electricity supplier of Jingdong, and is determined to the bottleneck of the development of good, and I believe this will be a key different from other business Jingdong, Jingdong and lead to success.

in fact is true, then the Jingdong built in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou three large logistics system, total logistics area more than 50 thousand square meters, so as to realize the goods from storage center recently, plus self express team, which can make the products at a faster speed of customer service, the advance the strategy, to ensure that the Jingdong for the next ten years is the key to delivery advantage, Jingdong growth in reverse Taobao blocked under


before and after 2008, Chen Shengqiang, Yan Xiaoqing, and, by the way, by the name of "" by

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