Chinese style P2P net loan two different models of nternet

the two Internet based P2P, settled in China, has become a line, a line. The reason is that China’s credit system is still in its infancy, the lack of domestic similar to Europe and the United States of the perfect personal credit certification system.


P2P net loan Chinese style growth

      Author: Lv Qin

if you are now less than about one hundred thousand yuan to buy a house, if you need to expand the operation of the store business, if you need to run the end of the company’s capital turnover, who will you borrow?

if you are not too much leisure time for workers, a sum of money at hand, what are the earnings higher than the balance of treasure but little risk products can invest in

?The emergence of the

P2P model provides an answer to the above two questions.

The so-called

P2P, referred to as Peer-to-Peer, is also the personal loans to individuals, one of the P, is that banks are unwilling or unable to loan, but need money "subprime" customers; another P, refers to the lack of financing channels for individual investors. Connect the two sides to provide services, is currently hot discussion of public opinion P2P lending platform.

research data show that the current scale of more than 200 P2P platform, the size of the loan in 2012 to $60 billion to $50 billion. Shenzhen, a P2P company sources said, according to the current development rate estimates, the size of the industry in 2013, the scale of loans will certainly be more than one hundred billion yuan, or even break 200 billion yuan.

China’s P2P net loan platform to reflect the rapid growth of China’s small and micro enterprises financing difficulties brought about by the business opportunities. On the one hand, for some Small and micro businesses or individuals to obtain financing from banks demand provides a private financing channel; on the other hand, to provide investors with a low investment threshold, high profit investment channels.

"Chinese style" P2P sentient beings

many domestic P2P platform of various shapes, patterns vary, but we can from a loan to a process of analysis, this process will be divided into investors acquisition, acquisition, credit guarantee, the borrower is four aspects, these four aspects of the different decision patterns of gene P2P.

pat Loan – pure European and American descent

and most of the other Internet banking innovation, P2P also has a pedigree, to pat the loan as the representative of the unsecured online model mainly learn from the experience of the United States P2P net loan leader Prosper.

investors and borrowers all from the net loan platform, that is, the borrower through the loan platform to release the loan demand, the investor is also on the platform selected >

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