What Tencent QQ WebQQ end QQ web version The domain name never ever meet again

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) October 5th – February 11, 1999, a man named QQ penguin was born, since then, Tencent can Liaoyuanzhishi quickly with sparks of fire all over on both sides of the Changjiang River according to the data show that, Tencent QQ online users from the beginning of the 2 people (Ma Huateng and Zhang zhidong1), to the current development of hundreds of millions of users at the same time, 2014 the number of online more than two hundred million, is one of the most widely used chat software. But today, the distance came the webqq is about to close the message, the domain name web.qq.com will never ever meet again, that goodbye was actually the last sentence it webqq. To this end, many users have lamented, let us be able to use these pages QQ human worth?


diagram: web.qq.com page screenshot

review of the history of the Milky way,


, as the first instant communication software, since his debut, this function is not particularly strong chat software finally beat the masses, almost a monopoly of China online instant messaging software market, ranking the first big social software throne. Independent pet harem QQ in order to meet the needs of the public, QQ has "life" out of the QQ group, QQ space, QQ mailbox, QQ music, games, Tencent QQ tornado, QQ input method, computer housekeeper Tencent (formerly known as QQ, QQ, QQ Image Doctor) pet and a series of products, has a brilliant history.

The domain name im.qq.com

with unparalleled QQ, its predecessor is OICQ, before the official domain name OICQ.com was deleted due to expire, after being $14000 won, then for two years, Tencent has been the tencent.com domain name as the main domain name, and enable qq.com, OICQ.com quietly out of the public eye.

and Tencent has been able to achieve such great success, not because of how strong its function, but its interface design is very reasonable, simple operation, other online instant messaging software compared with QQ at the same time, such as Sina pager, Chu You, MSN (msn.com) and other (some of us even the name of the software never heard of it, they began a poor guy) function is not less than QQ, especially OMMO, the available launched a much more powerful than the QQ functions, such as email, network hard disk, but too much function instead of allowing users to feel very cumbersome operation, this is an important reason why it failed the.



retire after winning merit.August 28, 2009

Sina micro-blog launched a "thorns" to expand the domain layout, first with short domain t.cn replacement more difficult to remember the original domain name t.sina.com.cn, and heavily gains "micro-blog" the domain name weibo.com, aiming at micro-blog

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