A twelve burn Ali offline payment going

"shuangshier" this originally belonged to the electricity supplier Carnival Festival, but this year a feast of offline payment. This "shuangshier" on the same day, the next line store lines become a new landscape scenery.

this year twelve Alibaba under the joint line of nearly 100 brands, about 2 stores to participate, on that day in December 12th to use Alipay wallet payment to 50 percent off, covering restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, convenience stores and other consumer places.

According to the

in the application of network monitoring data show that as of December 12, 2014 at 3:30 in the afternoon, Alipay wallet joint line stores accumulated 4 million 40 thousand brush pen; according to preliminary statistics, the merchant family, laiyifen, NGS 85 degrees C, Pizza Hut in "shuangshier", "shuangshier" after a week of mobile payment transaction volume increase "twelve times more than before; if calculated according to each subsidy of 20 to 50 yuan, the whole day posted amount is expected to exceed 200 million yuan.

this is followed by a taxi software, Ali once again on the line to pay for large-scale subsidies. So why Ali choose at this time, shot


a, enhance the strength of O2O entry

in the past two years, the concept of O2O hot speculation. Whether it is online single turn into the next line experience, or online and offline synchronization interoperability, and even traditional companies as long as there is a line on the site, are called O2O mode. This model is optimistic about many companies to meet the expectations of the common development of online and offline, so that both hands, two not wrong, the development strategy.

BAT big three is directed force, trying to expand territory. Because Ali itself has excellent electricity supplier genes, after the investment in High German and UC, the outside world has placed more expectations on its O2O development. Gao De, UC provides more O2O upstream of the entrance to Ali, but Ali O2O after the entrance is not the smooth development of other enterprises; at the same time as the regime from Online to Offline O2O market. Furthermore, with respect to the online link, the entrance of the consumer base O2O more difficult to get through, so the layout is particularly important.

two, expand business coverage

during the last 11 years of activity, Taobao has been under the joint line of business sweep code payment activities, due to the preferential policies provided by businesses are not attractive, the number of people involved in the line to pay less. Eventually lead to difficult to help businesses to complete the data accumulated, and businesses are not willing to agree to give up the gross profit margin to help Ali development line layout. So forced to subsidize their own ali.

in this activity, Alipay will provide ultra scan code to pay in 711, preferential family, good morals, and can be a number of Lianhua convenience stores and small and medium business, as the market test. Through this activity, Ali smooth invasion line, took the opportunity to get through the line to the online business model.

three, twelve remodeling brand

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