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Abstract: last year, Ctrip won elong and where to go, the achievements of the OTA dominant position in the industry. Way home at the beginning of the establishment and Ctrip has inextricably linked. The acquisition of Ctrip and where to go under the banner of the hostel apartment business, is also in line with the Department of Ctrip in the capital market to buy buy buy style. Way home will become non-standard accommodation industry the next Ctrip?


cut domestic apartment hostel booking platform way home yesterday announced the acquisition of Ctrip and where its pension apartment business, the way home has four short rental platform — the way home, the ants short rent, Ctrip and where the apartment business hostel.

October 20th, Luo Jun through the company’s internal mail announced the merger news, and said, Ctrip and where the apartment entrance channel, B & B team and the overall business will be incorporated into the future of the way home, the way home will use Ctrip and where the import brands, including inventory, flow, operation and other various resources.

was founded in 2011 on the way home, took five years to find out Chinese houses share in this new field of a set of management mode, and through the acquisition of upstream resources put in the bag. News release for the first time, the founder of the road and CEO Luo Jun through the conference call to accept a number of media interviews, such as titanium media.

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from the beginning of the establishment of the home is not a short positioning, but a residential sharing." Lu founder and CEO Luo Jun said in an interview. Through mergers and acquisitions to expand the user base, control flow entrance, you can look at the way to do the layout of the entire share of the ecological industry chain of accommodation.

on the acquisition of Ctrip, where vertical business, after Luo Jun told titanium media integration, visitors will have their own end user channel and platform, "the acquisition over the flow will not be canceled, but not fully integrated, the way home the next operation will focus on the" inventory ". That will do a certain amount of inventory and inventory of open and cooperative.

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the way home, the goal is to become a residential, apartment rental field standards. When the unified flow entrance, the way home will continue to establish and complete the whole industry standard (the TOS model, the first half of this year, Luo has clearly put forward the way home Tujia Operation Standards), including the housing assessment and payment system.

fact, Luo Jun as early as three months ago, titanium media jointly organized by the commercial value of the mobile Internet Innovation Conference (MIIC) in the speech had revealed that there is a further large-scale plan. Luo Jun said at the time,

share the first half of the economy is the layout, we are trying to do the matching model, and now China’s share of the economy has entered the midfield, to begin to scale, to extend the depth of."

achieve scale

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