After the new network about cars and drivers barely earning 3000 yuan nearly 8 drivers have tuiyi

net income survey report about the car driver: what’s lost is lost

The monthly income of 10000 yuan

bubble, now barely 3000 yuan

After the introduction of the new

policy, nearly 8 into the network about the car driver or exit the market

"at the beginning of this year to buy TOYOTA Ralink all right 140 thousand, now can sell how much money?"

"up to 100 thousand."

only six months time, to lose 40 thousand?

no way, the second-hand car market is like this, on the card began to hit 20 percent off directly, not to mention you have run so many kilometers."

This is a

in Ningbo a bit better step group in dialogue, dialogue like this every day in the crowd, many drops, excellent step driver is disconnected from the network about rental market, and in the hands of the vehicles sold. Along with the National Day around the network about the car management exposure draft issued, drops, excellent step on the platform of a large number of drivers facing uncertain future quit.

– reporter Zhou Yang photographer Zhang Peijian


know suansuanzhang exit?

maybe you can see the driver drops every day last year a monthly income of tens of thousands of stories, but has become the past, probably will not appear again.

last May, Wang Bin 80 thousand yuan to buy a Nissan sunshine, to become a full-time network about car drivers. His monthly salary of 5000 yuan courier, became a monthly income of nearly $20 thousand in the middle class. However, good times don’t last long, after the Spring Festival this year, Wang Bin found that subsidies in the lower income in decline. And in August this year, after the merger of drops and excellent step, the award was almost canceled.

in Ningbo, such as Wang Bin, about tens of thousands of car drivers (Registration), they were once indulged in sharing the dividends of the economy. But with the departure of capital, the real world in the eyes.

Wang Bin ran a year and a half of the network about the car, he gave reporters a list:

vehicle loss and depreciation:

to a price of 80 thousand yuan car, for example, the vehicle traveling at a speed of 6000 km per month, traveling a year of 72 thousand kilometers, traveling for 4 years, 288 thousand km. 4 years after the vehicle close to scrap. Vehicle maintenance once a month for 200 yuan, is 9 thousand and 600 yuan for 4 years. 4 years of insurance of $20 thousand, according to the replacement of 4 kilometers of tires 1000 yuan calculation, the cost of replacing tires for $6 thousand in, another 4 years of vehicle maintenance, replacement brake pads, brake oil and other supplies as well as car wash beauty and other costs of $15 thousand.

total cost of 8+0.96+2+0.6+1.5=13.06 million, the average annual loss, depreciation costs of 32 thousand and 650 yuan, the monthly cost of $2720.

oil fee:

travel 6000 kilometers per month, calculated at $0.6 per kilometer

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