The leftovers change free service gorgeous rose


28 year old college student Chen Jianbo job to give up vegetables. When he was free, he used a knife to carve the leftover vegetables into roses, and so on. "10 seconds of vegetables to rose, college students to sell vegetables" in the online news spread like wildfire.

"leftovers roses change customer" popular free service in Chinese including the network marketing industry is still promising, if the operation is completely avoided Ma "free is the world’s most expensive things" and "assertion; a carved vegetables brother" Chen Jianbo’s famous description of more free service in the fierce business the competition is still the weapon to build a brand, the key is you to "free service" and how to understand the mode of operation.

domestic network group free service clamoring for N years, almost all the websites without exception free service as the site propaganda selling point, but the fatigue bombing clamoring for more free service, not to mention more people’s appetite, so fatigue bombing or "free service" is difficult to attract potential customers, so as to realize the brand objective.

free service now why it is difficult to attract potential customers, even aroused widespread disgust? The first is not a free service with the improvement of national living standards keep pace with the times, still will be the focus of the free service on the "free", such as "order XX yuan to free shipping, some shopping mall shoppers free shuttle bus so, the so-called" free "is not worth mentioning, Kunming words" cow neck droop (skin folds), it is not much, without it, many businesses have to spare no effort "but" free "such a whoop and a holler, certainly can not lift the potential customer’s appetite, but also easy to cause the customer psychological rejection.

and, to emphasize the "free", and does not work hard in the service, the price war will fall into a vicious competition mode is the lowest, the "free service" to deceive consumers behavior, this will result in the service level of the whole industry to reduce, all businesses will benefit from a.

is more serious is that some of the websites, the promotion of the market consciousness is too strong, the service will be free to become a "food handed out in contempt for the customer, not the pursuit of gifts, enhance the quality of service (you know, the free service is service, but also to pursue the quality of service), and there are many anti harsh terms of the limit to the customer (without exception free terms of service websites), such a" free service "is not only easy to cause consumer resentment, and may lead to lawsuits, expect such a" free service "brand, is tantamount to tell some fantastic tales.

look at the "leftovers to rose" Chen Jianbo, he is not like other vendors like to play the price consumers are reluctant to buy hot leftovers, but with their ingenious ways, these technology will have little commercial value of leftovers (or some special shaped food goods) into ornamental value rose "," dog "," tumbler ", let the fans here, free.

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