Baidu to open the first college search marketing elective courses

days ago, Baidu to join the International Business School of Zhongshan University opened the search marketing electives officially commenced, the search marketing education as the formal curriculum, the first time to enter the domestic university curriculum system, not only to fill the domestic university business school marketing education in this field blank, with the history of the development in the network marketing industry is important the sense of milepost type.

Vice President Wu Peiguan professor of international business school

to speak at the opening ceremony pointed out that in recent years the rapid development of Internet, college students should change with the external environment, to update their knowledge and skills. Therefore, the college also pays special attention to the education of innovative practice. The college intends to introduce such a well-known domestic Internet companies Baidu, hope that through the cooperation of the students to master the most advanced knowledge and skills of the internet.

data show that the next two years, China’s search marketing market will remain at an average annual growth rate of around 50%, accordingly, the search marketing talent gap will reach more than one million. However, the traditional marketing education can not meet the requirements of cultivating excellent search marketing talents.

the most headache problem is that customers can not find, two is the lack of suitable marketing personnel." The general manager attended the opening ceremony of the Guangzhou branch of Baidu Lu Shucheng said. Search marketing is a very strong practical discipline, pay more attention to the combination of practical application. At present, there are few courses in the curriculum system of the business specialty in the market. It is this search marketing personnel training on the fault, the formation of an embarrassing situation in the talent market.

In order to promote the healthy development of

search marketing, to help enterprises more effectively play the search marketing value, ease the pressure on employment of college graduates, Baidu officially launched the Baidu Marketing Institute in 2009, with several institutions of higher learning to promote the search marketing education, this move was hailed as the "create search marketing industry Whampoa  military academy".

from the beginning of June 2009, Baidu Marketing Institute and Beijing Normal University, Hunan University has developed a series of search marketing training courses, has attracted wide attention and enthusiasm of teachers and students to participate in. In addition to cooperation with colleges and universities occupation training professional occupation training institutions also supports Baidu’s New Oriental to carry out search marketing, search marketing talents training implementation, graduated from the first phase of the training course in three days all found the ideal, creating a new record of the students’ employment mechanism, also reflects the strong demand for talent search marketing enterprises.

Lu Shucheng said that it is good until the results of a series of cooperation achieved, makes more colleges see bring education school, students search marketing and enterprise win-win situation. Baidu and Zhongshan University School of international business cooperation, can be said to be a matter of course. This is not only a sign of Baidu and universities in the search for marketing education to further deepen cooperation, but also shows that the search marketing is a new marketing approach more and more domestic marketing

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