Annual salary of millions of black industry crime risk Chinese hackers Survival Report

Abstract: not far from the 360 downstairs, is a hacker bar cloud platform to open, the door stood a sign that reads: there are hackers, the consequences. But Zheng Wenbin has only been once, or cloud platform people invited the past.

"hacker" (Hack), the word first appeared in the computer culture of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was created, is a positive. On its way to Menlo Park in the car, you will see the sign "1 Hacker Way (hacker Road No. 1)" signs, that is the headquarters of Facebook.

1946, the world’s first computer ENIAC was born in the United states. Since then, some of the brightest, most creative young people, began to enter the industry, in their bodies and gradually formed a unique culture of technology – "hacker culture" (Hacker Way).

1961, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has been the first PDP-1 computer, the Institute of technology of Model Railroad Club (Tech Model Railroad Club, TMRC) members regard it as the most fashionable technology toys, most capable smart people will be proud to call themselves "hacker". They believe that to complete a hack, it must contain a high degree of innovation, unique style and excellent technology. Later, these hackers became the core members of the MIT artificial intelligence laboratory. Steven, the author of "" (Hackers), is the hero of the computer revolution, which they call the ·.

however, with the popularity of computers, computer viruses spread, hackers began to be associated with computer crime. In order to clarify the concept of "hackers", the traditional sense of the hacker that only has a high technical level and occupation moral people can be referred to as Hacker, the malicious intrusion of computer system should be called a hacker (Cracker, intruder).

hacker culture has declined today." Chen Shuhua, chief security officer of Alibaba, the financial world magazine laments.

said that the earliest hackers are in the pursuit of fun and exploration spirit, and now, more people in the pursuit of more practical name and profit.

electricity, Internet banking, cloud computing, money and information has never been like today and Internet technology together, this gives hackers access to fortune, but also changing their living environment.



Qihoo 360, Tencent and Alibaba in 2010 began to scramble for the security personnel, but the average salary is that security personnel and the IT industry other types of flat.

watershed appeared in 2013, the Snowden incident broke out, then in February 2014, the central network security and information technology leadership of small composition >

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