One step away after the crisis of public relations audience disappointed to play marketing can achie

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movie "one step" has been released a lot Tucao, said Tucao point is the most "cannot read", another is "how Ge You is not funny", with "the large" propaganda "one step" in a fire than the application which is only awarded "5.6, the famous director Jiang Wen worried about this movie really became Kaige Chen’s" the promise ", Zhang Yimou’s" three gun ", then, the Internet media, WeChat circle of friends about" one step "re interpretation appeared.




determines whether a crime or when the murder, to find the first criminal motive, and locked the suspect is the "incident, the victim died in whose favor, unless it is a serial killer, who otherwise do not point to the interests.

"one step away" two articles like interpretation of public relations crisis guide, the first class, "Ge You tells why not funny". From "Farewell to My Concubine" to "let the bullets fly", Ge You’s image in the eyes of the audience had made: humor, with a little clever funny role, but "one step" of Ge You is not only funny, but even the audience favorite characters are not used to be: "Jiang Wen" saved, but the face of "Jiang Wen" and "murder case" but indiscriminately, to oneself once the scandal is not known to hunt, decided to choose "Jiang Wen" for two years, and by such events quickly became the official reds".

"PR" is how the interpretation of Ge You’s not funny words is tactful and sonorous and forceful?. "The funny character" Ge You is the director who build out, but not only his line "funny", leading the new trend of domestic humor "Yeh" also chose the transformation of mellow, simple role, Ge You is trying a new breakthrough role.

look at another "one step" interpretation of the article itself, not everyone Tucao cannot read? I will tell you why cannot read, because of the connotation of the movie tall, ah, you do not understand the "insider" of course it’s suddenly suddenly.

media "" one step "is the film literacy posted" circle of friends "cannot read" one step "on the way, because you do not know the ten things," the theme: "this same step" of the "connotation" and "style". Yes, people just opened the dance with Broadway expert guidance force, but the mixer won three Oscar prize, the content of Dashuai marriage must play a father and daughter choral opera, with all the masterpiece metaphor piece, even the master die "tragic scene" are selected a "windmill" this highly romantic occasion, said Quixote is a large windmill! Let’s say, "one step" style is not high point, almost all of the high sky, touched the side of the audience watching is also estimated with "Jiang Wen" at last The role of the same outcome, floating in the air, in

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