The United States responded Wong Kwong Yu will be released from prison did not receive any news

[TechWeb] November 24th news, sources said Gome founder Wong Kwong Yu is about to release. Yesterday, Gome chief financial official Wei revealed to the media: "has not received any news, this is hearsay."

Gome responded, Wong Kwong Yu will be released from prison,

is reported that in November 2008, Wong Kwong Yu was arrested. In May 18, 2010, Wong Kwong Yu case in Beijing second intermediate people’s court verdict, the court found Wong Kwong Yu guilty of the crime of illegal business, insider trading crime, bribery, three crimes, decided to implement 14 years imprisonment, fined 600 million yuan, confiscation of property 200 million yuan.

said that Wong Kwong Yu is on the way out of prison on medical parole. The United States Department of rumors leading three listed companies – Zhongguancun, Sanlian company, Gome’s share prices rose to varying degrees. Outside view, Wong Kwong Yu jailed for several years, still by remote way hailun Gome’s business, including the electricity providers to increase investment, decided to enter the gold fields. (Zhou Xiaobai)

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