Sea Amoy mode getting better cross border electricity supplier annual growth rate of over 30%

twenty-first Century macroeconomic analyst Geng Yanbing

special analyst Zhang Mengjie Bao Han

double eleven not only belongs to the Alibaba, not only belongs to china. Cross border e-commerce to allow overseas products to enter the Chinese market, double eleven is becoming more international.

Yu Wen in the "double eleven" network consumption again to refresh the record, and this year electricity consumption is added to highlight the characteristics of international elements, consumers can sea Amoy goods abroad; at the same time, China goods with the electricity supplier channels to go out is also accelerating the pace – "double eleven" has gradually become a global consumer carnival.

as a domestic electricity supplier giant Alibaba, globalization is the first pilot this year, "all over the world, the world can buy buy" Ali new slogan "double eleven" this year, intended to be 35 years after the comprehensive internationalization preparation.

from the United States business tycoon Amazon also took a fancy to the sea Amoy this big cake, in the "double eleven" opened the six largest overseas direct mail service Chinese site, a total of about 80000000 kinds of goods.

at the same time, the 1st shop is also in the "double eleven" formally launched the "No. 1 sea purchase" project, through the bonded import mode will introduce overseas high-quality goods.

Tmall in the domestic market to sit tight in the top spot in the background, the electricity supplier to accelerate the process of internationalization, is undoubtedly one of the demands for new profit point, to develop new markets. Double eleven volume is to confirm the pattern of the domestic market has been monopolized giants.

twenty-first Century macro Research Institute believes that the world is "double eleven" the first year of deeper meaning, with many e-commerce enterprises to enter the international market, Chinese is gradually moving towards the global value chain, cross-border e-commerce will become a new bright spot Chinese participation in world trade, will also change China trade structure and consumption patterns, thus the overall economy to the consumer economy transition to the era of information economy.

business 3: cross-border electricity supplier annual growth of over 30%

Ministry of commerce data show that in 2013 China’s total import and export value for the first time exceeded $4 trillion, of which exports $2 trillion and 210 billion, imports $1 trillion and 950 billion. Among them, the cross-border electricity supplier in and out of oral sex amounted to 3 trillion and 100 billion yuan, an increase of 31.3%, the Ministry of Commerce predicted that in 2016 China’s cross-border electricity supplier import and export volume will grow to $6 trillion and 500 billion, an annual growth rate of over 30%.

in the traditional foreign trade with an average annual growth rate of less than 10% of the cases, the growth rate of more than 30% years of cross-border e-commerce will undoubtedly become China’s foreign trade import and export a new growth point, some analysts predict that 2018 is expected to China will reach the global electricity supplier in the field of cross-border electricity supplier turnover 50%.

on the import side, China has become one of the world’s largest sea Amoy market. 2013 mainland China Sea Amoy family has reached 18 million people, by 2018 >

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