The 70 thousand man was stabbed more than 10 knives for incitement to kill has been saved

men’s 70 thousand incitement to kill himself, in the end what is the reason for the man to make such a ridiculous thing? No matter how precious life is, you have to cherish ah! March 29th, Zhengzhou police announced the case, hoping to provide more inspiration for life through this case.

[the] hotel stuffed murder victim, in ten knife injuries caused by

2015 in October 11th at 3 pm, in Zhengzhou Huayuan Road Shao Zhuang Hotel, is cleaning the corridor of the waiter Hu Yun suddenly heard the faint cries of "help" sound from the room, she quickly called the boss opened the door, he was in the room scene shocked, a young man lying on the bed and a bloody knife fall to the ground, white sheets and blankets had been stained with blood…… Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau Liulin Bureau command room after receiving the alarm, quickly dispatched police rushed to the scene, the man had been in a coma, with the help of police, wounded men quickly rushed to hospital.

according to the hotel owner, the injured man ID card registration name "Zhu Jiang" (a pseudonym), at noon on the day of another young man accompanied by a wheelchair "Zhu Jiang" to the hotel, did not expect this to happen.

soon, news came from the hospital, the injured man Zhu Jiang wound more than 10, has been in a coma, at any time may lose life. Who is that young man? What is the relationship between him and the victim? These questions put in front of the police.

[] "cousin" clues him picked up from the hospital, and sent to the hotel for the

the case after the incident, Liu police immediately set up a 10.11 ad hoc group, the ad hoc police investigations according to the video, along Huayuan Road, Sanquan Road, cultural transfer road, Jiangshan road and other 180 video surveillance video, found the victim’s antecedents and implement the relevant information of the case occurred.

video data show that on the morning of 10 pm, a man in a wheelchair pushed the victim from Jiangshan road building of a hospital in Zhengzhou, take a van to the automatic teller machine withdrawals a bank near the Provincial Sports Center, and along the way to go east to three road, a mobile phone shop in the parking. The man pushed them into the store to buy a mobile phone 2 smart mobile phone, about 500 meters before and after parking into a stationery store, buy a notebook and pen and a fruit knife after leaving at 11 noon, two people get off at the Huayuan Road station in the vicinity of Shaozhuang bus, the man pushed the victim to the recommended bin

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