Lu Qing benchmark loan to provide opportunities for young entrepreneurs in Shandong

some young entrepreneurs in the early entrepreneurs will encounter a series of problems of government funds, given some loose lending policies can often help entrepreneurs solve these financial problems, recently "  Lu Qing benchmark loan to Shandong youth brought a good business opportunities.

"this can survive, thanks to the ABC released the" Luqing benchmark loan ", not only let us save 1/3 interest, but also enjoy government subsidies." On the afternoon of August 31st, just got the loan of Shandong morning new auto parts Co., Ltd., 32 year old general manager Wang Wei said happily.

to get government subsidized loans to Wang Wei’s surprise, his calculations, the loan interest payments will light the savings of nearly 60 thousand yuan, equivalent to a monthly interest 5000 yuan less, which for a startup started small and micro enterprises recommended

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