How to promote the construction of social security system in Panzhihua

in the process of rapid development of economy, we are facing a series of problems need to be addressed, such as the payment of social insurance, unemployment insurance and other aspects, the government needs to continuously improve work efficiency, can effectively solve the practical work for the majority of the people.

(1) strong kuomianzhengjiao insurance payment. By the end of May, the city’s five social insurance number up to 1 million 885 thousand people; social insurance fund collection 1 billion 607 million yuan of total revenue, total expenditure of 2 billion 871 million yuan.

(2) full implementation of the policy to help stabilize the post. The basic old-age insurance rate reduced from 20% to 19%, the estimated annual burden for the enterprise more than 6600 yuan; the unemployment insurance rate is reduced from 2% to 1%, is expected for the enterprise more than 16800 yuan; the injury insurance rate from 3 adjusted to 8, reducing the rate of industrial injury insurance part of iron and steel, coal and high the risk of industry, industrial enterprises burden more than 700 yuan. 1-5 months, a total of 8 million 153 thousand and 200 yuan to support the steady post subsidies.

(3) focus on improving the social insurance system. In June to start a new machine in the city level and district, Renhe District insurance pilot work. Do a good job of urban and rural residents basic medical insurance system integration work. The implementation of the construction industry in Tongzhou Industrial injury insurance plan, do new construction project 100% of the insured, the city currently has 49 projects, 1800 people insured, the insurance premiums charged 2 million 900 thousand yuan.

(4) to enhance the ability of handling services. Improve the total amount of Medicare payment control, continue to implement the disease, according to the head, according to the service unit and other complex payment system. Improve the basic medical insurance in the city of special disease outpatient medical treatment and medical treatment and settlement management. The city’s access to the provincial settlement platform of medical institutions has reached 19, the opening of a special hospital for outpatient medical treatment of different diseases in the immediate settlement of medical services in 4.

to further promote the application of intelligent medical insurance audit assistance system and medical service monitoring information system construction, the introduction of the 7 hospitals in the medical insurance intelligent audit assistance system. Provincial Department of human resources and Social Commission commissioned the construction of the city of Sichuan province national insurance register information system by the Provincial Department of human resources and social acceptance. Approved by the city to become the country’s comprehensive application of social security card pilot demonstration city, has issued more than 92 social security card.

(5) to strengthen the supervision of social security funds. To further improve the social insurance fund supervision system and cooperative supervision mechanism, strengthen the network supervision and special inspection, increase efforts to investigate the case, to explore the cultivation of force of the third party social security fund supervision, to carry out the pilot work of social supervisors of social security funds, effectively safeguarding the fund safety and complete.

the improvement of living standards, people’s life gradually into a well-off society, all kinds of security system in society although has been greatly improved, but there are still defects exist in many places, effective recommendation

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