College students turned into several hundred real estate intermediary boss

example of a lot of college students, there are a lot of students are planning to do poineering work. Today we interviewed a real estate intermediary investment by college students to listen to build up the family fortunes, his entrepreneurial story.

Yang Pinzhi holding the accumulation of social experience thoughts, when he graduated from university in 2011 to a local housing agency work. 5 months of work, he gradually learned the relevant experience and methods of the real estate intermediary, although the first month he earns 200 yuan Commission, but second months, Yang Pinzhi won the 2700 yuan Commission, to fourth months he has been able to earn 5000 yuan. At this time he has graduated from college, with the accumulation of funds to facilitate the start of their own shop to do business.

At the beginning of

"to their parents and relatives are opposed to my business, that professional counterparts, the two is that the risk is relatively large." But Yang Pinzhi entrepreneurial ideas very firm.

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