Do business is to be able to do Friendliness is conducive to business success

a customer quarrel before entering the shop, or even a conflict on the body, so that customers will visit two times? I’m afraid many people’s answers are negative. So, if you want to get the business development and prosperity, also need to remember that Friendliness is conducive to business success.

The author

the day before yesterday in the shopping mall, see this scene: when people buy goods Liang in a mall in order to facilitate comparison, then copy the commodity prices, a move that was stopped and demanded the surrender of the mall security note. He does not agree, the two sides dispute, helpless alarm. After the incident, the responsible person in violation of the shopping mall he "no provisions copy" in commodity prices, violation of commercial secrets of the mall "".

as a customer, when shopping always have "order three" mentality, so in order to get a high quality and inexpensive goods will go to several stores to understand and compare the price of the similar products, and the mall price is the price tag, just go to the mall, anyone can see, that is "commercial secrets" there should be a little far fetched, at the same time, the mall "is strictly prohibited provisions copy the commodity price" for ordinary customers should be the terms of overlord.

business stress Friendliness is conducive to business success. Shopping malls for copying commodity prices should be flexible with the customer, if the customer is, because compare and copy prices, shopping malls should provide convenient, honest, sincere and impress customers with their high quality service; even suspected the other competitors understand commodity prices, remind and stop it, don’t need manhandled a dispute, but also to help the police, do not only affect the image of shopping malls, will let customers have the intention to buy chill down. I believe in the future, he would never go to the mall, shopping malls will never lost customer one is mr..

bad things happen, we naturally need to be good at learning lessons, so as to be able to master more business skills. As the retail customers, we should learn from it, even their own commodity prices in many operators is not dominant, also can impress customers with sincere service, to win and retain customers, repeat customers, if only that the provisions of this to the customer set obstacles, it will lose the people, The loss outweighs the gain.