How to control the cost of food items

food and beverage industry after years of development, the market has become saturated, the great pressure of competition, as investors want to make money from various aspects, don’t always want to return, how to control the cost is also an important step to make money. Only as far as possible under the premise of ensuring the quality of products, reduce the cost to achieve high profits are likely to return, so food chain should do in order to achieve cost control in a certain range, strengthen the internal management of their own? Editor’s note that the most important is the procurement process.

1, food and beverage franchisee to establish raw material procurement plan and approval process. The procurement plan shall be prepared by the purchasing department, submitted to the finance manager and submitted to the general manager for approval. Chef or kitchen department responsible person every night according to the restaurant business revenue and material reserves determine the amount of material procurement and fill in purchase orders submitted to the purchasing department.

2, food and beverage franchisees to establish a strict procurement inspection system. The excess does not need purchase, poor quality, specification and unauthorized purchases of goods have the right to refuse to accept, for inconsistent price and quantity and purchase order timely corrected and recorded. Inventory management of material procurement in the actual implementation of the quantity, quality, standards and plans, as well as quotation, through the strict acceptance system for checks.

3, food and beverage franchisees to establish a strict procurement inquiry quotation system. Financial department set up a special price, regular daily consumption of raw materials of the market price of goods more than three consulting, adhere to the principle of material procurement, the analysis offer feedback, found that there are differences and promptly correct. On new materials and bulk goods, sporadic emergency procurement, accompanied by an approved purchase order to account.

4, catering franchisees to inventory and strictly control the procurement of goods, set reasonable upper and lower inventory according to the business situation of the restaurant, through the computer statistics of data in a timely manner to reduce the purchasing inventory, or stop the long-term slow-moving food supply, in order to avoid losses caused by deterioration of raw materials.

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