Charlie Brown coffee gives emotional power to the product

joint effect marketing, marketing methods are used by all businesses. For example, popular fiction drama can drive the sales of a commodity increase, the mode of marketing benefits are very good, because you do not know what will happen in the future, everything is possible, as long as you dare to think, it is possible to achieve. Charlie Brown coffee gave us a good interpretation of the truth.

"peanut cartoon" (Peanuts) is one of the longest and most popular cartoons in the history of American comics. In December 2, 1950, by Charles · Schultz creation, to 13 in February 2001, due to illness, this has a glorious history of the past 50 years, the comic finally closed the last page. 50 years ago, Charles · Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy; footprint story figures under the pen of Schultz, through the 21 translation published in 2600 newspapers and 300 million comic books and 50 cartoons, in over seventy-five countries worldwide, enduring to win all the nations of the world, like the different age of readers that caused the majority of readers, and become a part of American popular culture, created the cartoon history rare miracle.

up to now, this is known as the history of the United States comic book has become a milestone in the hearts of the people of freedom dream paradise. In this world full of humor, fantasy, warmth and sadness, almost everyone can find their own shadow. Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, those who bring infinite happiness "peanuts" people to people, and now in every corner of the world in different ways to influence our life and warmth.

Charlie is the first hero of the peanut cartoon, like the average American child, wandering, playing, going to school, playing baseball. In the past 60 years, Charlie has been loved and cared for by his friends and those around him, and the heart of the whole thing is treated by Charlie Brown, and he is constantly moving with sincerity to everyone around him.

comics to give the product the power of perception, so that products are different. The combination of Charlie Brown coffee and peanut cartoon, it has been accepted by the basic support points. Peanut cartoon gives Charlie coffee with a unique connotation of Brown. For the "fun" and the birth of Charlie coffee to people to pass a kind of "happy, healthy, sharing," the concept of life, Brown.

Charlie coffee join advantage

1. leading brand in the field of global cartoon;

2. huge peripheral products market deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. "Peanut cartoon" extends to toys, stationery, cosmetics and other fields, the world to create at least $1 billion 200 million per year of industrial value;


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