Announced invisible brother Wang Jianlin’s password to get rich

The wealth of the real estate industry tycoon

Wang Jianlin with money beyond count, worth in the rich list. His impressive history of entrepreneurship is of concern from his fortune in the history we can also master the know-how to rich Wang Jianlin.

"is the Wang Jianlin rich list", for "a fish escaped through the Seine 40 billion 110 million yuan worth of calculation is quite conservative." The "new wealth", "entrepreneur" Chinese researcher Chen Fuxiang bluntly, list for Wang Jianlin’s estimate, but based on the second round of private equity financing, and last year’s business information to calculate the commercial real estate — only part of the whole value chain is not included, not to mention a doubling of wealth after listing.

this time, but Wang Jianlin is in a roadshow before officially ranked the richest man in the new Chinese (ranked second with Xu Jiayin only 1 billion 580 million yuan), in its commercial real estate Wanda A shares listed in the countdown, may wish to explore the rapid growth of wealth Wang Jianlin password.

"the model of commercial real estate layout is complementary, around this core expansion is steady, and the long-term lease model ensure the continuous flow of funds, cyclical fluctuations in housing prices can hedge in a certain extent." New wealth researcher Chen Fu told reporters.

regulation "liquidation": holding the two or three line of the city "land" brand

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