Do not seriously and business customers

some people are easy to seriously character, while others may encounter some unhappy things, in short, in the process of the management of the store, easy and customer seriously. Here, Xiao Bian stressed, can not do business and customer seriously, or suffer always themselves, or their own profits.

remember just opened twenty years ago, when the development is lagging behind, the rural shops, it is really worthy of the name of the tobacco and sugar tea, sell something single variety, youthful and I don’t know how to do business and customer communication, is often a word is not appropriate, and some seriously the needle head in opposition to the customer.

remember once, a middle-aged lady bought something to pay ten yuan a hand had intact money, but she had to put that piece of a small angle to me, then I have some uneasiness, and said: "you still give a change!" Who knows, this halfcooked customers actually said: "how, a small corner is not money?" I heard a hot temper came up: "how to give me that money?"

after listening to my words, the customer is the deep white, snatched the money in my hand and throw things away, the head also don’t return. I have also looked after her indignant.

for so many years, this customer has never been to my door, and at that time I was more stubborn can be: you are not a lot, a lot of you a little, you such a customer, not worth mentioning!

can now increasingly mature, I once again remember this thing, but I really regret, remorse, I did not expect, how can the lost will be just a simple customer?

ten years ago this thing, if you put on today, I would have said humorously: "ouch, I love this piece of money is out of print, ah, the five corners of the money really is too rare!" I think my humor will give the customer a satisfactory smile, whether she is intentional or unintentional.

of course, in addition to this aspect, in fact, the owner of the shop in the course of the operation should also continue to learn, so as to better deal with the relationship between the customer. In a word, "Knowledge has no limit." this sentence is a sentence is the truth of life, with the hospitality business, is no molimen.

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