Artest steamed stuffed bun shop how to join

no doubt the only major criteria for joining the chain is the franchise brand in the country how many stores? Because it can become bigger and stronger to join the brand naturally has its unique business success of the road, it is worthy of investor confidence. Steamed stuffed bun is a kind of traditional snacks, a lot of people have the habit of eating steamed buns, then what is now very steamed buns? Naturally, Artest steamed buns.

Artest catering focus on the development of Chinese fast food production, determined to do the first brand of Chinese steamed stuffed bun. After years of exploration, the industry has been the first to master the development of Chinese fast food technology and production technology. According to consumer trends and market demand, timely development of new products, the main products are series, series of Boiled dumplings, steamed stuffed bun, wonton noodles Steamed Jiaozi series series, series, series of cakes and other processed products, by consumers love


Artest steamed stuffed bun how to join

Artest steamed stuffed bun is a very popular brand, welcome to join the National Franchisee, Artest steamed stuffed bun joined the process as follows:

to join the intention to negotiate

submit an application to join the report, market analysis report, the real personal identity, resume material

business owners to join the credit, personal reputation, ability to investigate

companies to join the franchisee to join the region and the franchisee’s comprehensive ability to join the owners to pay a deposit of not less than 20% of the franchise fee (Note: after the signing of the contract to join the top fee)

survey, site assessment of

signed franchise franchise contract

pay join fee

store planning and design

signed a renovation contract, pay renovation costs, renovation began

to carry out recruitment, staff technical training, equipment configuration, buy

decoration completed, the publicity work in full swing, the internal simulation of the opening, locking process, personnel positioning

headquarters distribution materials, development, operations and other team members in place, ready to open

grand opening

headquarters long-term tracking management

Artest steamed bun how many stores?

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