Why do not dare to venture entrepreneurs

each of the poor want to get rid of poverty, get rid of the days without money, live a rich life. He has enthusiasm, but always have a sense of fear, because he never grasp their own destiny independently, there is no business experience, like never used a computer, for fear of an effort to knock on the keyboard is broken, or the Internet will encounter a virus.

what is actually not so terrible, for fear of the computer people, the most important thing is plugged in, boot! For the poor who want to start, what do not think, do it again!

dried up again, do we look for opportunities to work side by side to create the conditions for doing the correction, doing perfect, what are you afraid you are poor! As long as the general direction is right, maybe it looks like there is no hope at first, in the end there will be good results. Poor life is waiting, the so-called opportunity, the conditions are ripe, hair white, the heart is so old, even if the conditions are ripe, you do not bother. Opportunity is not waiting out, is dry out!

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