Once the store will be difficult to break the trust of customers

the operation of a store will have a lot of skills, shopkeepers in order to increase the profit of the store, naturally will continue to adopt a variety of operating rules. However, no matter what kind of business strategy is taken, once the credit to the customer, the store will be difficult for a long time.

"the shop opposite is closed." when the customer told me the news, I was not surprised, because I knew it would be a long time to close the door. Opposite the shop from opening to closing five or six years old, just opened due to popular promotion efforts of big business, such business for about two years later, the store’s business decline, finally had to make a choice to close. During this period, two customers can get a glimpse of my talk with me.

customer a live right across the village, a village gate intersection is opposite the shop, so naturally, a customer is opposite the shop big customer, suddenly one day, a customer in my shop, a door, angrily said: "XX is not to go home your customers, fool?"

I hastened to ask what was happening, the customer said: "I this person to buy things are generally not afterwards, he calculated how much money I have to pay much money, as I too believe, several things to mention home wife think about money, I said maybe he confused wrong money, who don’t have the wrong time? But today in his home to buy things to go back to his wife, it took more than a dozen dollars.

I want to also can’t wrong ah, carrying something to his home to let him give me count, sure he knew I received more than money, even when even the commodity prices increased, among other things, that kind of fragrance of ham, others are $eight, and $ten to him I check out, it is not clear who cheat? How to do business!" Because we do not comment on the same thing, can only say some comfort to the customer, and now, the customer has become my hardcore customers.

customer B is responsible for the purchase of gifts in a private enterprise. There is a meeting with a friend for dinner, I met across the store owner with a group of people in the hotel dining, in which customer B. In a small talk I asked the customer B: I think you and the store owner of the relationship is also good. The customer told me: he and the store owner is the old classmate, although not iron buddies, but the relationship has been good. Before the gift of the unit is needed in the opposite side of the store to get, because it is the unit money, the price does not require concessions, he also do not rebate, old classmates well, does not matter".

, there was one thing that made him no longer look after his old classmates. The boss, let him go to purchase five Chinese tobacco and five boxes of old white fen. He went to the opposite as in the past the store, even though he knew he recommended

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