Shenyang 2015 Coca Cola’s 520 plan to help women entrepreneurs

the advent of the Internet, the opportunity is not just the market, and other aspects of the Internet has also been shut out at the door of the female entrepreneurs opened a new entrance. Female entrepreneurs become the backbone of the entrepreneurial team, a large number of female entrepreneurs began to build their own business, in the wave of entrepreneurship set off a rosy storm.

campus classroom rewarding entrepreneurial skills

the last year "Coca-Cola 520" female entrepreneurship public training activities for graduating female college students entrepreneurship support special activities. The event was jointly sponsored by Coca-Cola Liaoning (North) beverage Co., Ltd., Shenyang evening news, Liaoning Jiaotong University and other colleges and universities, 400 graduate students facing the early study of entrepreneurial skills. The students quality education center teacher said, the ivory tower is unable to retain people, sooner or later, they will move towards the society, before leaving school, reserve in advance some employment and entrepreneurial skills is very necessary, it will at least help them choose in the future career, detours.

face "90" college students, Coca-Cola lecturer Yu Yang in the course, add a special element of fun. The first training course from a cartoon about Bruno and Varro Palmer, a time for money, not stop water; another is not all of the time in exchange for a limited income, but with less time water pipeline to make money, spend more time. Wait until they are old, has been unable to pick up the water, a person will not have income, while the other is relying on the pipeline in the continuous flow of water, continue to earn income. This cartoon let the students into a meditation, we all think they have the ability to have no time for money.

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