Wedding company plans to focus on the list

80, 90 generation has entered the marriageable age, the young man asked for the wedding to be more complex than older generations. Each wedding is almost inseparable from the wedding company, wedding etiquette has become a good business. Here are some of the highlights of the wedding company business plan, for you to sort out what the company needs to prepare wedding.

A, 10000 yuan purchase wedding + purchase festive supplies (small salute, ribbon, red garland,…) + appropriate purchase of flowers (Bar floats, holding flowers, flower, corsage) + +

= business registration window

two, pre: emcee, photography, band, team, makeup, CD recording these business in your hand to have a part of the resources, the Commission’s approach to take call. Of course, you have the best expertise in this area.

market prospects

according to the national macroscopic survey data show that rural every married couple costs 2-10 million in the city at about 8-25 million yuan. Which light wedding consumption accounted for the total cost of 1/5-1/6. From the first marriage was a simple two photo, relatives and friends to eat the wedding, now as complete wedding photography, wedding celebration in professional organizations, visible Chinese wedding ideas have changed greatly. And almost half of the couple will choose in the five day. One "," ten. One, new year’s day, Spring Festival period, which is bound to form a peak marriage. The increase in the number of marriage, prompting the increasingly popular wedding business. 2002 on the eve of national day, Beijing, Shanghai and other places wedding orders were full, so overwhelming. If you can provide quality service, will be a piece of cake wedding services.

investment conditions

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