Jiangxi small loan policy to support more entrepreneurs

just relying on individual efforts, even if they can do some business, however, face various costs need to start a business, many people also feel unbearable, entrepreneurial in this difficult under had to end. In order to help more entrepreneurs to realize their dreams, Jiangxi province to provide micro credit policy support, so as to achieve the dream of more entrepreneurs.

yesterday, the reporters came to Huang Bingquan’s garden, and flowers shed and full of vitality, various characteristics of a riot of colour, dotted with pot. "The rain, like a soft government small loans, eased the liquidity as pressing danger round my entrepreneurial dream." Jiangxi province Ruichang Jianfa agricultural ecological base yellow Boss speak again this year to obtain government subsidized business loan of 200 thousand yuan, excitedly told reporters: "I opened the curtain shop 08 years got employment bureau 30 thousand yuan of small loans to support business for many years, government departments have road business guidance and financial assistance, to make my business done fast, and help to solve the employment of more than and 30 people."

says microfinance "pry bar", big pig Liang Lei also has deep experience: "if you don’t start, I was a migrant farmers. Able to succeed in his hometown of land, can not do without the help of small loans secured!" Since 2009, from the hands of the hands of the villagers to buy the first small wild boar to develop 200 bulls. With the gradual expansion of the scale of aquaculture farms, Liang Lei needs capital investment is also growing, the savings of many years and all the cast, or difficult to meet farm development funds.

helpless, Liang Lei heard that can apply for small loans to the government, he try holding the attitude to the small loan guarantee center. When Liang Lei learned business experience and present status, Employment Bureau of small loan center according to the application conditions, timely help, simplify procedures, fast loan maximum amount 180 thousand yuan. Looking at the growing development of aquaculture, he proudly told reporters that a few years of efforts to make his pig sales have a stable customer, is expected to yield more than 200 thousand yuan this year.

like Huang Bingquan, Liang Lei was "there are a lot of small loans to entrepreneurs in the sun and rain. The reporter learned from the Ruichang Bureau of employment, the implementation of small loans, according to "actively and steadily push forward, standardized operation, work ideas should make loan loan, make small loans to support entrepreneurship and employment, as an important work to drive the development of the industry to grasp, through exploration and innovation has become the" business guide + + + to support entrepreneurship training of microfinance loan aid "all in one service mechanism.

this year, a total of 40 million yuan of small loans secured loans, non-performing loan ratio is zero. Through small loans to support more than 300 entrepreneurs to start a successful business, driven by more than 2000 urban and rural workers to achieve employment, spawned a large number of entrepreneurial model.


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