Yu Yongfu’s analysis of the multiple meanings of help in the process of entrepreneurship

want to succeed in business, you need to support internal and external, indispensable, today, take a look at this article, I hope to give you some help. UC excellent as chairman and CEO Yu Yongfu at the meeting published on the theme of entrepreneurship to help speech, analysis of the entrepreneurial process in the help of the multi meaning, as well as a small number of entrepreneurs on the unspoken rules".

second for words, I put into this business to help, this has two layers of meaning for the word, the first layer of meaning is very important, is to help entrepreneurs is a Gang Gang, actually start to today we all entrepreneurs need to be very clear in a word, it we need to fight, regardless of a person, a group of us or how many people, in fact, for entrepreneurs, today, has been difficult to one aspect, product technology and market management are very strong, unlikely, but the most important thing today is for you to organize a team to products, technology, marketing and management are very strong, so what is the one thing most start on the road of happiness, when you climb the mountain when the gang at the foot, after you climb, these people can look at the scenery with you this Is a very important piece of success, the whole gang entrepreneur to share several aspects:

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