Small shops in the face of large supermarket competition should be flexible

small shop once "to" large supermarket, if you take the right business strategy can not, really will be the "collapse" behind. There is a big supermarket near my shop. Big supermarket first opened, in order to win customers, the commodity prices to a minimum. I worry about what happened, not only affected by the store, but also face the threat of closing. After repeated thinking and learning, but also to some good business shop to visit and learn, constantly learning and exploring, I re adjust the good mentality, determined to overcome the difficulties to establish confidence to meet the challenges of big supermarket.

first, I do not want to follow them to cut prices, to seize the heart of the old customers, it is necessary to think of some small countermeasures. For example, in the case of constant prices, to send some of my own handmade small gifts to customers. For example: I will personally make the haversack for odd jobs on the outside, need to bring lunch workers; also with knitted small wallet to them, their special love, that will increase the sales of goods. Moreover, it is necessary to achieve a variety of goods, do not have some of our home, we do not have other homes, so that the old customers will not run away.

in the past there are a lot of large supermarkets in the just opened business is very good, but the price is reduced to the lowest increase in the number of customers attracted just a moment of excitement, not much profit. To minimize the price is not a long-term strategy, the future can not always be down. We all know that the price is not acceptable to customers.

there is no competition, there is no progress, we should give full play to the flexibility of management. Once an old customer of mine told me that he saw a commodity in the supermarket like my store, he want to buy one, but he did not buy, said here is to buy it, asked me if I can be cheaper. I told him that I’d bought a toothbrush a few days ago, and I asked the customer, "what do you think? It’s cheaper than you!" The customer thought and immediately bought the product.

some customers to buy a large commodity can not move, we have to take the initiative to help customers home, so that our warm service to customers deep inside. With a sincere attitude and customer communication, communication, understanding their hobbies and shopping tendencies, ready to help, guide.

of course, if a small shop wants to get a higher degree of customer recognition, service has played a very important role. So, to do business outside the service is also very important, keep smiling at the same time, the home of the toolbox in the shop. Passers by the car broke down, you can use the tools inside the repair is particularly convenient, so that the crowd in the store naturally much more.

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