Join the project to pay attention to the invisible threshold

venture capital market in the entire investment, we can often see a lot of conditions are very relaxed business opportunities, until they really decided to engage in after only to find that there are so many invisible conditions. So, if you want to join the project, we must pay attention to the invisible threshold.

some of the threshold of the project is indeed very low, and the threshold of some projects, especially the high threshold of stealth.

to the education and training industry as an example, a lot of project publicity investment lowest also several million yuan, but the highest wuliushimo yuan, indeed meet the demand of grassroots entrepreneurs on the surface. But the fact is that the project does not label the invisible threshold of the business.

first, must go to the competent department of education for the record, and record the condition of the classroom area, decoration conditions, teachers, the registered capital of a higher demand, investors do not have a 12 million is difficult to do it; secondly, the training industry is very high for teachers, network requirements, without these resources as a guarantee, investors operation it is very difficult, not to say profit, can adhere to the operation is unknown.

There are many

in fact such projects, especially some Gregory, emerging industries, for example, the ever popular national alcohol based fuel production project, the project would hardly have told investors must obtain a "certificate" license for dangerous chemical products business, in fact, without the license, the investor is illegal operation, will not only face the seizure, and even face jail.

no matter what kind of project is ready to join, if these contact conditions are not clear, resulting in a more and more investment, it is more scary. So, if you want to join the project, you need to do a good job in the early stages of the work.

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