One million dollars a year to make millions of laundry business opportunities

1 yuan laundry, open a fire. A piece of money, can buy what is now, a packet of tissues, a small pudding, an eraser or a bus fee? But suddenly, a piece of money really can wash clothes!

work from whim: the morning of May 6th, Ma Weide from the bucket remove two pieces of clothes hanging on the clothes hanger, and stretched, looking at the burning sun, revealing a trace of a smile. Because of the fine weather today, he washed several clothes. Do not look at the horse boss is now more and more successful business, in fact, do anything is not smooth sailing.

snapadoo, in October 2008, he returned to Lanzhou.

"adversity" business monthly income of 10000 yuan: he temporarily and take no more money in the Lanzhou flea market to buy 5 people out of the washing machine and a drying machine, less than 20 square meters rented a house as a storefront and accommodation for a long time in the house clothes, he arthritis, leg pain often encountered in rainy days.

have washed the clothes about waiting for customers to take hundreds of pieces on a hanger. >

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