Share let stores large orders of merit harvest

small orders to a large order, to a lot of money, want to let the stores harvest large orders, the operator must have some merit. Here to share the harvest so that stores large orders of merit, the business people who intend to or are engaged in the business of the store can be fully used for reference.

A, re design the sales order

many stores will use the product sales list in the sales process, but the list in the end how to design it is designed into a list of There is much fineness in the blank, continue to fill in the above products, or to write out all the products, and then let the customer step by step to choose their own products, the the products are want to cross? After a professional study found that the second methods can let us sell a little more, because when you put the product in writing the sales list, will give customers a psychological hint, people buy more than me, so he will virtually increase their buying quantity.

two, group purchase sales

face many shilly-shally type customers, sales staff will be encouraged to participate in group purchase activities, so as to find potential customers, at the same time more than a customer purchase, although the amount is relative to each customer is reduced, but the overall sales store sale amount is increased. Since it is a marketing tool, it is not necessary to be certain restrictions on the number of group purchase reached, the apparel industry sales staff often encourage customers to fight alone, this is a small group purchase form.

three, to carry out high-end product promotion

four, improve sales ability of

will small into large capacity of the sales personnel requirements will be higher, which requires sales staff on their own to ask for more, be good at summing up the lack of sales, and the method can find more opportunities to sell. We know that when people do things have the "advantage" habit, want to sell orders, on the way to "increase customer pain" "to stimulate customers to buy a sense of urgency".

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