Hebei youth entrepreneurship initiative

leading youth entrepreneurship is the main work of the moment, the policy is to give help is a driving force, but also hope that young entrepreneurs who can take action to achieve the dream lies in people’s action!

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the implementation plans to promote employment of graduates. Improve the graduate employment service network, optimize the employment procedures for handling processes, improve efficiency, and strive to achieve full coverage of online employment before the end of the contract. The further implementation of College Students’ employment training program, extensive collection of employment job, the arrangement of 10 thousand college graduates to participate in training, to further improve the relevant policies to encourage and improve the retention rate after probation. Employment difficulties, family economic difficulties and zero employment families college graduates, to provide one to one employment assistance to help them achieve employment as soon as possible.

vigorously implement the "three help" "college-graduate village official" "teachers" college students employment project, combined with the government purchase service and innovation of public services, the development of a number of grass-roots public employment management and social service recommendation

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