Entrepreneurs must have four qualities in 2012

now many young people are tired of working life, want to invest their own business to get rich. 2011 has been quietly caught in the past, the advent of the 2012 brings a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities for entrepreneurs. After experiencing a boom of entrepreneurship, there are still many young people dedicated to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial enthusiasm of young people is very good, but there are rich entrepreneurs entrepreneurial experience to remind young people, when you are ready to start to think about what you are really good entrepreneurial psychological preparation.

1, the wise choice of

2, bold courage to say no to

choose to give up or insist, it depends on your entrepreneurial intention. Follow your heart, listen to your heart and do what it wants to do. Maybe you can make five hundred thousand today, but it’s not your goal, you can’t do what you want to do. Don’t waste your time, because you’re wasting more time and energy, as well as opportunity costs.

3, insist on, never give up

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