How to do well in rural market service in tobacco industry

although the countryside is a foundation for our country to set up, however, in the process of social development, the gap between rural areas is widening. Because of this, the previous mention of the country we all think of poverty and backwardness of the recession, but through continuous efforts, for many years now, the rural spread in front of us a rich and beautiful picture.

rural, rural market, more have a brilliant future; potential. But due to the maintenance of rural terminal long ignored, the rural market infrastructure is relatively weak, the rural network image is not high; the weak rural retail customer management ability. In the consumer where we go, the call, the rural market is attracting the eyes of the tobacco industry. So, in this special environment, how to do a good job in the rural market services, sales points?

first, the ability of rural retail customers and the need to upgrade the level of

rural market is vast, the point of a wide range of small, good service is not an easy thing to do. In addition to the transfer of rural market to the city market, in order to lower the efficiency, the tobacco industry constantly downsizing, optimize the line, then come back to deepen the rural market construction, obviously feel stretched.

rural stores mostly for home and husband and wife shop. When they shop, busy busy in work, lack of certain rules, it also gives the cigarette distribution and visits, monopoly management has brought considerable difficulty. The line also has some difficulties: every time the door is "iron door", what can we do to engage in services, customer relationship management? This is the reality of rural shops, which also makes the rural market has become a law outside the country to become a network of rural customers outside the store.

for now, how to have access to rural shop? Can adapt to the rapid development of the rural market?

first, the operating capacity is not high. Retail customers Wu Tong is opened nearly thirty years of the store’s senior rural retail customers, he said, what is the ability of rural small shops can not afford. Everyone familiar with the familiar face, looked down to see, there is no need to engage in those fancy tricks. This view is not a small number of retail customers, this conservative point of view, has also become a bottleneck restricting the development of rural retail upward".

retail customers Zhang Peng is a 80 young man, before working in South of Jiangsu, due to an accident back to business. He informed the hardware has invested about one hundred thousand, in addition to the construction of a special place of business, also designed the layout of a professional, the purchase of a computer, the checkout system, the elderly in the village said he was blind, but now, in addition to the village villagers to consumption, the surrounding villagers also come shopping. A young man in Wu Tong’s shop asked, can WeChat pay?" "Old Wu Yue" what WeChat does not WeChat, give money. >

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